Can I Store My Full Suspension Bike Upside Down?
Can I Store My Full Suspension Bike Upside Down

If you have a restricted room, it can be hard to figure out where and how to keep multiple bikes. Fortunately, there are many wall hooks and mounts out on the market. Nonetheless, can I store my whole suspension bike upside down? Stay tuned for more details!

Can I store my full suspension bike upside down? It is likely to store a bike upside down on the wall without requiring to lift it at all. What you require is a wall mounting bicycle bracket or hook that is slight enough, and appointed at the proper angle, to readily fit between the spokes on the front wheel. 

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How to Store your Bike?

All of us, true cycling enthusiasts, know how important it is to properly store our beloved bikes. Let’s see all you need to know and more on how to store your bike. Here are some tips and tricks about this topic.

Proper storage will depend on the type of bicycle you own. As we all know, there is a spectrum of completely different types of bicycles. Here, we will mention some of them.

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Types of Bicycles

  • Road bicycles
  • Mountain bicycles 
  • Electric bicycles 
  • Folding bicycles
  • Recumbent bicycles

Road bicycles are lightweight bikes with skinny tires, built for fast travel on paved roads. They are great for cities or any other urban areas. For this type of bike, you’ll want a storage option that enables fast retrieval and parking.

Mountain bicycles are heavy bikes with wide tread wheels. They are suitable for driving on difficult terrain because they absorb shocks well. But after such a ride these bikes can get quite muddy and dirty, so outdoor storage is sometimes necessary.

Electric bicycles have a battery-powered motor, that enables cycling for all ages. You can store this bike indoors or outdoors. If you keep it outside, protect it from rain and wind.

Folding bicycles are compact, portable, and easy to store. You can put this bike under the table or even on a shelf. They are very convenient for travelers using public transport.

Recumbent bicycles are low to the ground and great for any storage solution. You can store it anywhere you like, outdoors or indoors, in the garage or a shed.

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Bicycle Storage Options

When considering your storage solution, there are numerous important things to think about. One of those factors is definitely, the size of your bicycle.

The size of your bikes is important when choosing an adequate space where you will keep them. It is necessary to choose a place where it will fit in and where it will bother you the least. 

You have to consider both of these things, the size of the wheels as well as the frame itself. Storage of your bike primarily depends on the space you have available. 

You can store your bicycle even on the wall, with the side flat against the wall. Or you can store it vertically with wheels perpendicular to the wall.

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More Valuable Tips

Your storage decision depends on the type of bike you own and how often you use it. For example, it makes a big difference if you have a road bike that you use every day or a mountain bike that you use a few times a month. Some storage options are more affordable and simpler than others.

When storing bicycles, weight is also an important factor to consider. Lightweight road bikes can be set up with a hook on the wall. If you are storing a heavy mountain bike, consider a floor rack or a crane with a high weight limit if you want to put it on the wall.

If you want to secure your bike and prevent theft, use chains, and locks. They are necessary when you store your bike in a garage or shed.

It is also important to secure the wheels, frame, steering wheel, and seat. In addition, you can also cover your bike with some waterproof fabric to hide it from thieves and at the same time protect it from moisture.

Is It Better to Store Your Bicycle Indoors or Outside?

  • Indoors is easier to protect your bicycle from theft. The downside of this is that you increase the risk of damage to floors and walls. It’s also inconvenient if you live in an apartment, on a higher floor, and your bike can’t fit in the elevator.
  • Outdoor storage is sometimes a better solution because it ensures more room to keep your bicycle intact and less worry about ruining your walls.

Hanging It by One Hook

Here’s the most straightforward method. All it takes is a single bike hook tightened high enough to keep the bike above the floor. Twist it into a wall stud or anything similar. It needs to be strong enough to keep the hook from tearing out. Also, it needs to maintain the weight of your bike.

You can turn the bike from either wheel on one bike hook. To hang numerous bikes, space the clips almost 7 inches (18cm) apart. At that span, you will swing one bike by the front wheel, the following by the back. 

That way, the bars don’t hit each other. This is how you get many bikes into the shortest possible space.

Tip: If you’re nervous about bike theft, bikes held tightly like this are more manageable to mask so that thieves might not see them. 

For instance, in a wardrobe. Or by masking the bikes with a curtain, as they take up short space, it could make them “hidden,” and ultimately more secure. 

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For Comfortable Lifting

If you like to hang all the bikes with the lines up, make the hooks almost a foot apart (30cm). Why want to hang all the bicycles with the bars up? Well, this is because it makes it more comfortable to raise the bikes. 

To lift bikes in this effortless way, standing a bit behind and to the side of the bike, hold the bars with both hands and pull up so that the bike pops a wheelie and is standing on its back wheel. 

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Can I Store My Full Suspension Bike Upside Down

There Is More to This

With the bike like this, move it on its rear wheel under the bike hook. Directly place the knee of your leading leg beneath the back of the seat, and jointly with the knee and your hands, hoist the bike onto the clip. Even weighty e-bikes are easy to hook this way.
Don’t stress, you’re not really raising much with your knee. Mainly, you’re moving, and you keep your foot on the floor and employ it to push off and help your knee. Test it, it’s manageable.

Raising Onto Double Hooks

We know that in this case, bikes are sitting higher above. So, it takes more fortitude and care to raise and hook them. If you’re tall and strong sufficiently, you can switch the bike upside down, keep it by the seat with one hand and the bars with the other and raise it on the hooks. 

This can be tricky, particularly with weightier bikes. Be mindful of this! You can also use the pop-a-wheelie method to get the front wheel up. 

Then you can hold onto the bars firmly to retain the bike’s front end and then grasp the seat with your dominant hand. Next, raise the back of the bike high enough to get the back wheel on the hook. After that’s in position, it’s effortless to sway the front wheel up onto the hook.

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Safe For the Bikes, Perhaps Not For You

Nevertheless, it’s only fair to tell you that you may drop bikes attempting to hang them with both techniques. Intrinsically, you will let the bike crush you so as to avoid harm to the bike. Yet, that’s always dangerous and painful.

So, it’s certainly not the perfect, most uncontroversial way to hang bikes. Still, it does truly work. Only be cautious when hanging and taking them down if you do it in this manner.

This is no rocket science, as you can see. Alternatively, you could peek into the bike hoists that make lifting and dropping easy.

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