How Many Pairs of Cycling Shorts Do I Need?
A person wearing black cycling shorts.

So, you’re starting to build your own stash of cycling equipment, eh? If you’re nodding your head in approval, then you must’ve asked yourself the following question at least once: Okay, how many pairs of cycling shorts do I really need? Today, we’ll give our best to try & help you out with that one!

Also, are cycling shorts a necessary piece of cycling equipment? What’s their purpose, or why wouldn’t you simply wear regular shorts when cycling? We’ll tackle those issues, too. In the text that you’re getting ready to read, you’ll find every little piece of info regarding cycling shorts. Stay tuned!

How many pairs of cycling shorts you will need depends on how much you ride. For instance, you’ll need a single pair if you ride your bicycle once a week. If you ride 2-3 days a week, opt for 2-3 pairs. If you’re on your bike 5-7 days a week, obtain 7 or more pairs of cycling shorts. 

You’re missing a lot by choosing only to skim through the preview. Therefore, here at Go Extreme Sports, we suggest you read the whole thing!

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Why are cycling shorts important?

Okay, so before we introduce you to the number of shorts you’ll need for your upcoming cycling adventures, let’s consider the importance this piece of cycling equipment has. That being said, let’s pose the following question: why are cycling shorts so important?

Here’s the thing: shorts designed for cycling offer plenty of benefits to the person wearing them. They’re made with the intention to block wind and allow you to pedal on without feeling restricted in this way or another. Also, they’re breathable & include padding just where you need it, so the feeling of comfiness never lets you down while you’re riding. Well, that was a corny thing to say, but you get the point.

However, this doesn’t mean you should wear cycling shorts on just about every occasion. Nope, there’s a time & place for everything. For instance, if you’re not riding far distances (like going to work in a neighboring area), there’s no need to wear cycling shorts, only to change into your regular work clothes once you reach the destination. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So, when should a person wear cycling shorts? Well, if you’re going cycling for exercise, or when you’re going on longer rides & trips. Or, simply, whenever you feel the need to go as fast as possible. Anyway, this ain’t the whole of it. Check out the next section.

Other benefits of wearing cycling shorts

Besides providing you the maximum level of comfiness or preventing wind from messing up your rides, wearing cycling shorts has other benefits. Let’s see ’em!

#1 They wick away sweat

Imagine pedaling like there’s no tomorrow on a hot summer day in regular shorts. Needless to say, they’ll trap & soak up most of the sweat your body will produce, and make you feel pretty uncomfy. The thing about cycling shorts is that they pull the moisture off your skin. That will keep you feeling nice & cool, and prevent the appearance of irritating rashes or chafing.

Also, imagine riding in rainy weather. Speaking of which, here’s whether trek bikes get wet.

#2 They provide you with maximum flexibility

One of the best things about wearing cycling shorts is that they provide you with maximum flexibility. In other words, they enable you to pump your legs in a fast manner as you pedal without any obstructions. Also, you won’t have to worry, not even for a second, that your pants will ever get caught up in the bike chain.

#3 They keep your muscles compressed

Here’s the thing: cycling shorts compress your muscles and that’s certainly one of the benefits they’ll provide you with. That’s, among other things, why runners and other athletes wear compression apparel. Anyway, cycling shorts greatly reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, during and after your adventures in cycling.

Speaking of muscles, here’s whether biking can help you get ready for some hiking trips.

What are cycling shorts made of?

You’ll want to know that shorts designed for cycling are usually made from a mix of spandex (Lycra) and nylon. Therefore, you can say the material’s stretchy. That’s because they need to move together with your legs, and prevent you from getting rubbed. Inside your trusty pair of cycling shorts, you’ll notice that there’s inner cushioning made from synthetic chamois. You’ll have a soft, comfy “mediator” between yourself and the seat.

Okay, we guess that’s a bit too much for the intro section. Without further ado, let’s tackle the main question for today: how many pairs of cycling shorts do you actually need? 

A person leaning against their bike, wearing cycling shorts.

How many pairs of cycling shorts do I need?

Now that we’ve talked a little about basic info surrounding cycling shorts, it’s about time we consider just how many pairs of cycling you will need for your upcoming adventures in cycling. So, shall we begin?

Okay, so the first thing you’ll want to know is that there ain’t a straightforward answer to the question in the title. If you were to ask around on cycling forums, you’d get the same impression: as always, it all comes down to personal preferences. However, we still might be able to provide you with an answer that won’t start with: well, it’s kinda hard to say, because… Anyway, we’ve decided the following section into three parts depending on how often you ride your bicycle.

Type #1: Casual rider

If you’re something folks call a casual rider (riding your bicycle once a week or less), you’ll be happy with a single pair of cycling shorts. Since you’ll have a lot of time to wash & dry them out before your next ride, one pair will do. Still, sporting a single pair will require you to take some good care of your cycling shorts. We’ll talk about it in a couple of paragraphs below.

Type #2: More than just a casual rider

If you’re more than just a casual rider (riding your bicycle 2-3 days a week or so), you’ll need about 2-3 pairs of cycling shorts. That’s because a single pair of cycling shorts can’t dry out fast enough to support this kind of rhythm.

Type #3: Someone you’d call a cycling enthusiast

If you’re even more than “more than just a casual rider” (riding your bicycle 5-7 days a week (you’d ride more but the week only has seven days)), that will mean you’ll have to obtain about 7 or more pairs of cycling shorts. That way, you’ll guarantee yourself a clean pair of cycling shorts’ every riding day.

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Okay, now that we’ve given you something of an answer that’s straightforward and confident, let’s see if there’s any other info regarding cycling shorts that we want to share with our readers.

How often should you wash your cycling shorts?

As you could’ve assumed by reading the segment above, you’ll need to wash your cycling shorts after each ride. The thing is many folks avoid doing such a thing since they reckon regular washing will ruin their cycling shorts, and cycling shorts aren’t cheap. However, each piece of your cycling apparel will have to be hand-washed (avoid using the washing machine) and air dried. 

Also, here’s another thing. If you’re wondering just how long will it take for your cycling shorts to air dry, know that it will take them about 2-4 hours if the weather’s outside nice & warm, depending on the material. Make sure that the chamois section is completely dry before you wear your trust shorts again. Otherwise, you’re making an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can, of course, result in bigger problems.

Why are cycling shorts black?

If you’re wondering why most cycling shorts you’ve stumbled upon on the market are black, know that it’s as casual as asking why cyclists have skinny arms. Anyway, here’s the answer:

  • Usually, cycling shorts are black since the color black will hide all the dirt and grease stains every cycling enthusiast picks up while on the road, or after a repair. 

Nowadays, bicycles are, of course, more reliable than ever. Therefore, they demand less frequent repairs. That said, it’s not like only black cycling shorts are offered on the market. Oh, and here’s some fun trivia before we continue: back in the day, riders were basically forced to exclusively wear black cycling shorts. 

Are you supposed to wear underwear with cycling shorts?

We’ll try to be quick here. Our answer is: Nope, you shouldn’t wear underwear under your cycling shorts. That’s why cyclists call an absolute NO-NO. Why’s that so? Well, if you’re sporting cotton underwear under your shorts, it will completely negate all of the benefits that the piece of cycling equipment in question can provide you with. We’re talking friction control, moisture wicking, and so on.

Oh, and since we’ve mentioned cycling equipment, here’s whether you can wear gym gloves while cycling.

Final thoughts on how many pairs of cycling shorts you need

So, that’s all there’s to say about the amount of cycling shorts pairs a person will need. Hopefully, now you’re aware of how many pairs you’ll need to obtain in order to make your cycling adventure a hassle-free one. Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for more tips concerned with the fantastic activity better known as cycling, click right here.

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