Is It Too Late to Learn BMX?
Is It Too Late to Learn BMX

Let’s say your old BMX bike has sat in the garage for 20 years. You saw it today by accident, and for some reason, you keep staring at it. It’s a bit corroded, but it’s still lovely. That’s when the big query came to your mind – Is it too late to learn BMX? Stay tuned for more interesting details! 

BMX is definitely for all ages. Whether it’s for a race or some stunts, you’ll find a path or a playground near you. If you love competitions, there are organized events for all generations. No matter your height or goal, an ideal BMX bike is waiting for you.

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Is There an Age Barrier to Ride BMX?

Age is just a number when it comes to riding BMX, by all means. There’s no such thing as being too old for riding BMX. Anyhow, not as long as your legs react to your mind, and you have the passion to jump on your bike and go to the park.

As we grow old, it’s natural to question certain skills or the ability to still build them. Yet, there are two main points here. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • It’s a fact that periodically we minimize our mental and physical capacities, no matter what age.
  • We usually waste too much power overthinking things that shouldn’t be even contemplated. What could go awry?

Sure, if you are 100 pounds above your advisable weight and haven’t done any training for the past two decades, it can be tricky. In that case, you may want to think about losing some weight first.

Enhance your food consumption and some weight will decline. BMX will do the rest, by all means. If you’re okay with your weight, then rock your bones. You’ll truly feel sounder than ever before.

If you think that shooting the park at 40 as a newbie would be too awkward, then quit thinking about what someone else may think about you and start pursuing your passion.

Tip: Do you enjoy rock climbing? If yes, be cognizant of how cold is too cold for rock climbing. It happens that the weather can be against us.

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You have only one life in this physical body, and it’s all yours. The only thing you should be thinking about is obeying that vibrant inner voice that’s asking for a new experience. That’s what maintains us alive. Go out and do it. Odds are that you’ll find a ton of great companions willing to welcome you.

Don’t be shocked if you find someone else in your very same position. You’re not alone here. Many individuals started riding BMX in their 40s and above that too. You’ll notice them riding around. It’s always a fantastic time to comprehend new skills.

What’s more, if you’re into mountain biking, they truly get along quite well. And If MTB is your main priority, you’ll discover that BMX is a terrific addition. Also, note that mountain biking helps running as well!

Are There BMX Bikes for Adults?

BMX bikes exist for all ages. This goes without saying, by all means! The traditional BMX bike has 20″ wheels and a 21″ frame. When selecting the most suitable BMX bike for you, essentially you must concentrate on two things: structure size and wheel size.

It all relies on your height, weight, and ambition. 20″ is the most usual size because it really fits the comprehensive majority of riders. Yet, there are larger frames and larger wheels than that.

Note: Did you know that due to its awe-inspiring topography, New Zealand is home to extreme sports?

The Size Of The BMX Frame

There are various kinds of frames with distinct geometries for BMX, made of distinct materials, therefore, various weights. Some forms are more suitable for specific disciplines than others. 

Yet, supposing that you’re purchasing your first BMX bike and that you’re a newbie, we will avoid being too technical on this. So, don’t worry about that, please! 

The size of the frame is the most crucial judgment you’ll make when purchasing a bike. You can’t purchase the first bike you see. Yet don’t stress too much, this is not rocket science. To decide what’s the most suitable frame size for you, we’ll concentrate on your height. 

Founded on that, we’ll know which is the ideal top tube measurement for you. Concerning the material, Chromoly is what best suits all requirements. Yes, it’s a bit more pricey than normal hi-ten steel (typical in low-grade bikes) but it’s durable. 

Tip: Never in a million years should you try to use a bike helmet for rock climbing! This can be dangerous!

The Size Of The BMX Wheels

So now that you understand the size of your frame, it’s time to make another crucial judgment: let’s discuss the wheels. It’s necessary that the wheels fulfill your requirements and liking. Same as before, wheels can range in size, width, fabric, tires, rims, spokes, no spokes, etc.

All these things impact quality, weight, and execution, relying on what you’ll utilize your bike for. Also, we’ll skip the more technical element, and try to maintain it as easy as feasible.

As noted earlier, the traditional BMX wheel size is 20″. It’s the size most people find suitable, much less than a mountain bike or road bike wheels. Yet, some like 24″ wheels, which are comprehended as ‘cruiser’. They keep their own racing class. These larger wheels are more frequently seen for dirt jumps and trials, by all means.

Tip: There are numerous quality mountain bike helmets on the market. Some are cheaper, some a bit pricier. Still, find the one that suits you best! Furthermore, did you know that there is a disparity between skateboarding and biking helmets?

The Size Of The BMX Wheels

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So, 20″ would be the advisable length for the trail, the park, and the street. 24″ delivers more stability and is more relaxing for lengthy rides, such as for commuting. They could be suitable for you if you intend to go to work on your bike and then to the park.

You’d like more peace and you don’t plan to do any risky tricks, at least at the start. If you’re a big person, you’ll likely find more fitting a 22″ top tube and broad 24″ wheels.

So, you can select between broad or slim tires relying on what your riding will be. A lot of freestyle riders like wide tires (like 2.4 inches) for riding parks or streets, as they are more suitable for landings and absorbing all sorts of hits. Most probably, these tires will be weightier than lighter tires, so you’ll go slower.

The standard racing wheels are approximately 1.5 inches, per se. They’re lighter than the freestyle tires because when racing the primary goal is going as fast as feasible, so having lighter wheels means less weight and less tire cover against the track, which hints at more speed.

Note: Did you know that cyclists have skinny arms? Here’s a guide about why cyclists have skinny arms.

Jamie Bestwick

When it comes to age, stop worrying already! Are you looking for some type of motivation? Are you wondering if there’s a skilled rider as old as you? Does Jamie Bestwick sound familiar to you? The chances are you heard of this guy, one way or another!

What’s with the age again? Jamie Bestwick was born in 1971, in England. So, he’s a skilled rider, and he’s still contesting at the most elevated level. True, he still got it. Yes, he’s still earning podiums.

Jamie began riding BMX at the age of 10. In the start, he only contested for fun. When he discovered how good he was, he chose to become a pro.

He contended in his foremost X-Games in 1996, where he earned bronze. After that, in 2000 he won his first old of many. He triumphed in the BMX Vert event 13 times and got another gold for Best Trick in 2005. He also earned 6 silver medals and 9 golds from 2007 to 2014.

Tip: Are you curious about water sports like surfing? Keep in mind that it is not safe to surf in a thunderstorm. More often than not, it’s not safe to do any outdoor activity in a thunderstorm!

Final Reflections

Riding a BMX bike is one of the most alluring and entertaining sports that one can engage in. It is appreciated by individuals of different ages throughout the globe, and many individuals even earn enough expertise to take part in often high-scale BMX contests.

These contests involve bewitching BMX bike stunts and racing. There is no explicit bounded age group that can ride BMX bicycles exclusively. BMX riding can begin at any juncture in your life, as long as you are physically fit for it and are ready to put in the action and training BMX riding needs.

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