Skateboard Helmet vs Bike Helmet – The Biggest Differences
Skateboard Helmet vs Bike Helmet - The Biggest Differences

It is a known fact that helmets do save lives. Yet, did you know that a helmet can truly reduce the chances of unbearable traumatic brain damage by 51% upon crash? Likewise, helmets have furthermore lowered the chances of death by 44%. Still, whether or not the helmet saves your life relies on you having the proper one for the right activity. Skateboard helmet vs bike helmet – The biggest differences – Let’s dive into more details below!

In this article, you will be able to go through all the things you need to know about the disparities between bike helmets and skate helmets. That can be from their structure components to their processes of each. This article will provide you likewise a demonstration of how to know when it’s time to think about a replacement.

The most significant disparity is that skate helmets are invented to resist numerous crashes. On the other hand, bicycle helmets are invented to resist one hit only.

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The Main Differences

Skateboard helmet vs bike helmet? There are numerous disparities between bike and skate helmets. The most significant disparity is that skate helmets exist to resist multiple impacts. Note that these helmets need to fit right! On the other hand, bicycle helmets are developed to withstand just one impact. This is because bicycle helmets retain foam that is molded to condense upon crash. Moreover, this makes perfect sense. Skaters rehearsing tricks will take a lot of slides, whereas cyclists aren’t anticipated to take any. Now take a look at some other essential discrepancies between skate and bike helmets.

Bike Helmets

  • One impact; was invented to protect your head by compressing the foam upon impact
  • They are, by all means, more aerodynamic
  • Invented to have more adequate ventilation

Skate Helmets

  • Multi-impact, as they really exist to resist the typical range of skateboarding slips and crashes
  • Protect the back of the crown, as riders tend to slip backward
  • Typically thought to be even more co-occurring

The Scope of the Coverage Between the Two

One of the major disparities in helmets is their constitution. You may be having this thought that bike helmets are more aerodynamic. Yes, that might be partially correct. Yet, studies show it has little effect in non-race settings.

So is there a suitable explanation for why skate and bike helmets do have quite dissimilar shapes? Yes, of course. Helmets for road bikes generally don’t protect the more subordinate back of the head. This is simply because riders don’t usually slip backward off the bike. When a crash occurs, a biker is much more feasible to persist in moving ahead because of acceleration than fall backward. This truly goes without saying!

Now, helmets for BMX as well as peak bikes provide shields that will protect the head’s back and the whole face. This is a rule of thumb! Jumping as well as making sudden moves over uneven terrain at high speed requires more protection as falls can happen in any direction. Likewise, skate helmets oftentimes protect the lower part of the back of the head because skaters are prone to falling backward.

Bike Helmets vs. Skate Helmets – Style

Yes, security should be your major priority when choosing a helmet. However, style does play a significant part. It is entirely understandable that individuals want to look and feel good when biking or skating.

If looks are a significant priority for you, it goes without saying that skate-style helmets are typically considered to peek more youthful and ‘street’ alike. That is a fact! Those who choose this kind of helmet are typically people such as everyday cyclists, commuters, and peak bikers.

Skate helmets can be more universal too. For instance, they can likewise be utilized for snowboarding and in-line skating. The foremost query you should always ask yourself is: “Do they deliver the proper safeguard for the movement I want to perform?” This is the unwritten rule, by all means.

What About the Ventilation?

Vents are an essential structural component of bike helmets and assist to maintain the head chilly and well-ventilated. As cyclists traverse much quicker, the vents are prepared to hold the air flowing. This is why bike helmets carry vents that are in the facade and out the back to work with the airflow, by all means.

Skate helmets have vents well. Yet, they are usually smaller and not planned for air to pour through them as easily. Periodically, no matter the ventilation, helmets can sense warmth the longer you wear them due. This is due to the foam lining. The foam keeps heat, but with a fine ventilation setup, most of this heat should be free.

Using a Skateboard Helmet for Biking?

Now, imagine you’re a person who loves both skating and biking. On that matter, there are several additional helmets that you can purchase that are authorized by the manufacturer to meet both the ASTM F1492 helmet standard for skateboards and the CPSC prototype for bicycles.

skate helmets are invented to resist numerous crashes

Why Is the Certification Important?

Credentials are vital to helping stop you from getting a skull rupture or a severe brain injury. The good news is all bicycle helmets fabricated after 1999 must meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission norm. A certified helmet won’t ensure you won’t suffer a trauma, yet they give you the best option to avoid a more severe head injury.

When a helmet is invented for both skating and cycling, this oftentimes indicates that they’re also permitted as a multi-impact helmet. However, it’s always a good idea to make sure this is the matter when you are purchasing your safety equipment.

Tip: Let’s think about this, street park vs. skateboarding style? Which one of these two do you think is your best choice!

When Should You Replace A Helmet?

Since a helmet plays a significant role in shielding your head, it’s a pleasing statement to know when exactly you are supposed to replace your helmet. No matter what kind of helmet you possess whether it’s a bike, skate, or multi-use. Whether you are in a high-impact crash, you will require to replace your helmet. Also, it’s vitally important to figure out your skate helmet size. This goes without saying!

Sometimes, the damage is unseen. Think of this, if you fall off your bike and the helmet strikes the pavement, you might solely notice blemishes. However, the helmet’s interior components could end up damaged. Bike helmets especially are not prepared to crack, but instead, condense upon impact. After the foam truly is compressed, it can’t compress again. This is why they are considered one-time usefulness.

The best method of activity you can take to know whether or not you require to modify your helmet is to inspect it on a frequent basis. Numerous signs to search for include:

  • Scratches, blemishes, or cracks on the exterior shell
  • Damages or aging signs on the internal body
  • Badly working belts or buckles
  • Adjustment mechanism problems

Note: What is skateboard wax and what is there to know about it? It slightly differs from the snowboard wax!

There Is More to This

If your helmet displays any of these signals, it is time to substitute it. Alike, if you glimpse the foam on the interior of your helmet is starting to tarnish, it’s time to obtain a new one. A reasonable rule of thumb to mind is to substitute a repeatedly utilized helmet no less than every three years, no matter if it’s been in a casualty or not.

The rationale for substituting the helmet after three years is not founded on the purchase date. Yet, instead, it is based on the manufacturing date. Everyday helmets generally have the manufacturing date printed on the interior of the helmet so that you can maintain a trace of when to get a unique helmet.

Nonetheless, whether or not you should substitute your helmet is a subject that is a bit more complicated to authenticate a straightforward answer. There are other factors you need to take into respect, such as:

  • How frequently do you utilize it?
  • Did you maintain it suitably while you weren’t employing it?
  • Does it always work accurately?

If at any time your helmet was not kept accurately, this can induce harm to your helmet. For instance, let’s say your helmet was detected beneath some heavy boxes for an ample amount of time. Then, it might put too much stress on the internal foam. The foam will no longer do its assignment in the event of a misfortune. Precisely this is why it’s essential to accurately retain this item when it’s not in use. This truly goes without saying!

Knowing the Difference Can Save Your Life

There are many reasons why skateboarding is good for you, but it can be dangerous if you forget to use your helmet. The most significant part of having a helmet on is wearing the correct type and wearing it accurately. This is the unwritten rule! Bikers transit quicker and have a higher risk of hitting the front or top of their heads. On the other hand, skaters are a chance of crashing the back of their heads in a downfall.

Each helmet is created with various functions for the maximum protection of the user. Make certain that you purchase the right helmet when you plan to go on a biking or skating adventure! This will certainly help you sidestep any kind of intense and unexpected medical bills down the roadway on the occasion of a misfortune.

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