What Does Skydiving Sound Like?
What Does Skydiving Sound Like

Right after you exit the plane, you’ll feel things evolve to be a bit disorienting. Without the stability of an airplane underneath you, you’ll be held by air. You’ll sense the air pushing against your abdomen and limbs, and you’ll be surprised by how supported you feel. What does skydiving sound like? Let’s see more details below!

You’ll sense the air pushing against your abdomen and limbs. Also, you’ll be stunned by how sustained you feel. You’ll hear sounds switch, too. Rather than the howl of the aircraft motors, you’ll hear the freefall only. It sounds like an immense wave colliding.

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When You Start Freefalling

After a second or so, your attention will return. This truly goes without saying! You’ll begin to comprehend how your body steers in the freefall habitat, by all means.

You’ll hear different sounds, as well: rather than the roar of the plane motors, you’ll hear the sound of freefall. It appears like an everlasting wave, smashing and colliding for sure.

You’ll look everywhere and observe around you. You’ll identify components of the terrain below. Only a couple of quick seconds into the one-minute freefall, you’ll start to relax!

What’s It Like When the Parachute Opens?

When it’s a perfect time for the parachute to open, you will get a feeling of slowing down. Truly, you’ll sense it does its short dance as it extends fully and slows you and your team instructor down to top speed.

When that top is open and aloft, you will sense a rising calm take charge. The breaking point of freefall disbands into the sweet small whistle of proximate wind through the parachute’s lines. Underneath the canopy, you can communicate with your tutor as you drift down to the base.

What is Skydiving?

Skydiving originated as the idea of free fall from the sky. As scary as it sounds, today it is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world.

Notably, skydiving has evolved throughout history to become a safe and fun sport for adventurers of all ages.

Tip: Are you a fan of skiing? Can you use a hiking pole as a ski pole? Yet, is doing this advisable and safe?

The History of Skydiving

The origin of this sport is linked to the first recorded parachute jump in 1797. In the late 18th century, during a Paris exhibition, André-Jacques Garnerin became the world’s first successful parachutist.

How Do You Perform This Jump?

The basis is a free fall from an airplane or a mountain. You fall to a certain height and then gradually float in the air until you parachute to the ground. From its invention until today, this sport has become very popular worldwide. Of course, today, due to progress and new technologies, this sport is much safer than it was before.

Before You Try Skydiving – Stuff You Need to Know

You can get all the valuable information about this sport in the skydiving centers, but it is always good to know some things in advance.


Some people may think that during your jump you wouldn’t be able to breathe. This is false, per se. The truth is that you can breathe during the skydiving experience even at extreme speeds like 300 km per hour.


In Parachuting, safety measures are the number one priority. Although at first glance it seems that skydiving is dangerous, it is one of the safest extreme sports that exists.


During the jump, talking is not possible since the noise of the wind exceeds the human voice. You must come up with alternative ways of communication.

Since the wind makes it impossible to hear anything else, you have to use your hands to communicate.

Tip: You may be thinking if you can be too tall to skydive. Still, the more significant limit is regarding the weight.

Can I Take My Phone Skydiving

What Equipment is Needed for Skydiving?

Before your first jump, make sure you know everything about the equipment you will be using. All skydiving centers are obliged to provide you with their professional assistance regarding all that.


For all jumpers, it is also the most important piece of equipment, because your safe landing depends on it. Nowadays, everyone jumps with two parachutes, one main and one spare.

This is done for greater security and just in case. Parachutes can be of different sizes and shapes, but that is not so important. What is important is that they open when necessary, by all means.

Skydiving AAD

Skydiving AAD is an “automatic activation device”.This device will automatically deploy your parachute if you can’t manually deploy it. Also, this device is most responsible for saving the lives of skydivers. It monitors your altitude and rate of descent, then activates at a certain altitude to help you land safely.


Depending on the activity of skydiving, there are various jumpsuits on sale. If you don’t have one of your own and don’t want to buy one, they will give it to you at the skydiving center.


Altimeters are a useful device, that we use to measure the altitude where we are up in the sky. Some experienced jumpers, with over a hundred jumps, who can estimate the exact height at which they are in relation to the ground, do not wear this device.

Goggles and Helmet

Goggles are simply necessary and you don’t go skydiving without them. As much as you need them for swimming and diving, it’s the same thing here. Also, goggles protect the eyes from strong wind at a speed of about 200 km per hour. It’s also good to have helmets to protect the head.

Tip: Have you thought about skateboarding lately? There are many reasons why skateboarding is good for you. You should think about trying it, it is an amazing venture.

Useful Tips for Skydiving

You need to prepare well for your first jump. Here we have some useful tips for you regarding that.

Note: You are able to breathe and open your mouth while skydiving. People don’t do this because they forget.

Have a Breakfast

It is important not to jump on an empty stomach, make sure you have breakfast before you jump. An empty stomach will increase your fear and make you feel uncomfortable.

Try hard not to have too much breakfast in order not to cause the opposite effect, nausea or vomiting.

Wear the Right Equipment

If you jump without a suit you will be cold at higher altitudes. It would be best to wear a jumpsuit in the correct size. The skydiving center will provide you with the appropriate equipment.

Get Your Journey on Record

This will be one of the most exciting experiences for you so record it. The Skydiving centers usually offer a good recording service.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for your thrilling skydiving jump. It will reduce your fear and anxiety allowing you to enjoy this extraordinary, and unique experience.

Tip: Are you a fan of surfing? Be aware that it is not safe to surf in a thunderstorm. So, avoid this practice. What’s more, thinking about your safety, you should take into consideration what wind is best for surfing.

What Does Skydiving Sound Like?

As we said before, this will be once in a lifetime experience. You will feel it with all of your senses. First, you will hear the loud rush of wind. It’s similar to microphonics or loud noise in your head. For instance, similar to the sound of a plane when it takes off from the runway.

That sound is not painfully unpleasant, but it is too loud for normal human conversation. However, the moment the parachute opens, everything around you becomes instantly silent.

And that’s when the real enjoyment begins, by all means. First, you will feel great relief and a complete absence of fear, as the parachute has opened, right? Then something unusual will follow, a wonderful bird’s eye view and a feeling of complete freedom.

In the end, we can only say that skydiving is a unique, outstanding experience. Please try not to miss it.

Landing Under a Parachute

As you get close to the landing zone, your tutor will remind you of the tips you acquired earlier in your briefing. You’ll oversee the land rise slowly to meet you and then drop down the grass as people cheer you. You’ll flow in the itches of high and splash around in the sense of mega victory. The sentiment is unspeakable, for sure.

What does skydiving feel like, after all? It is truly a unique and exciting experience. You truly owe it to yourself to give it a try! So, don’t wait any longer if you are seeking a true adrenaline rush!

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