What Skateboard Wheels Should I Get for a Beginner?
What Skateboard Wheels Should I Get for a Beginner

There are many benefits of skateboarding, by all means. To enjoy it properly, you need to have a reasonable skateboard with all its pieces. A lot of elements go into picking the best skateboard wheels and this article is here to help! What skateboard wheels should I get for a beginner? You will find out what size and hardness of wheel you may need to be founded on where you skate, what kind of skating you do, and what kind of skateboard you have. More problematic wheels sacrifice hold, but in trade, you will receive a more immediate rolling.

No matter what kind of skateboarding you do, we can help you find the ideal wheels! Take a look at the details and recommendations below!

Most newbies like to begin with an 86-99A thickness and a 54-62mm altitude. The more prominent the size, the more soundness you can hope for.

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Think About What You Want to Do

If your ambition is to exclusively learn how to ride, you should choose large and soft skate wheels. More soothing wheels can control little rocks, breaks, and ragged terrain way better than harder shorter wheels. Large and smooth wheels likewise make it more comfortable to learn how to ride as your panel will feel much more durable and the larger riding surface or touch patch delivers extra grip and makes it easier to hold your balance.

If you already understand how to skate correctly. Ans if you want to get into the more technical side of skateboarding, go with harder and shorter wheels. These kinds of wheels are less energetic and matched to softer wheels and make it easier to land tricks.

If you don’t actually know what to get, 99A/53mm or 99A/54mm wheels, this is consistently a secure option. You can go at the end of the durometer scale if the geography you ride is turbulent. More soothing wheels endure rough geography way better than tough wheels.

Peeking at the financial aspects you could think of buying wheels around 54mm. They will wear ultimately so once you’re prepared for technical maneuvers they are a flawless size.

Discrepancy in Quality

Not all wheels are identical, they might peek the same. Yet, there is a big difference in grade, execution, and intent. Brands like Bones and Spitfire show the best wheels on the market because of their blend of quality plastics (polyurethane). This truly goes without saying!

Bones and Spitfire both have excellent quality management and use the best raw materials and manufacturing techniques. They are a bit more pricey than other brands, but you’ll get an honorable return on investment. Quality wheels don’t dull spots efficiently and you likely need new reasonable wheels sooner than later.

Purchasing quality wheels will be more affordable in the long run. Thus, if you can afford them, it’s advisable to obtain quality wheels. If you are on a restricted budget and putting up your first board, maybe get cheaper wheels and employ the money you save to purchase quality trucks such as Thunder or Independent.

Contact Patch

It is a true fact that newbies will profit the most from a more extensive contact patch. The reference patch is the exterior of the wheel that is in touch with the background.

It helps to broadcast your weight over a more extensive area. A larger touch patch will lower resistance and results in a softer ride. More balance, less strain, and less vague docks when you try to do your first stunts.

Tip: Understanding when to stop skateboarding can be a vital factor for your safety, by all means!


Notably, you may not know about durometer scales. You may want to ask your pals about what wheels to get. It’s pretty simple, actually. The durometer scale is the way we measure the hardness of entities. Skateboard wheels are mostly calculated with the Duro-A scale. Still, Bones estimates wheels using the B-scale.

The nearer you reach the end of the Durometer A-scale, the more imprecise the measurement (there are 4 Durometer hierarchies, skate wheels only use A or B). So this suggests not all 99A wheels are identical in hardness because of the inaccuracy at the back of the scale.

If you can, try to skate on other people’s setups so you can feel the contrast. As a newbie, try not to think this through too much. Just bring some wheels that you truly believe will work for you.

What skateboard wheels should I get

Picking The Proper Wheel Size

The most suitable wheel size relies on your wishes at the moment. Yet, typically wheels between 53mm and 54mm are a secure option. Extensive wheels are quicker corresponding to more miniature wheels. Wheels over 58mm require riser pads to stop wheel bite. The cause why bigger wheels are faster is clearly their size and that they have more power over the truck axle. This allows crushing the variance of the axle and relevancy.

Bigger wheels or usually softer and dart more than shorter tougher wheels. The con is that bigger wheels make landing stunts more problematic. It counts extra weight to your form and makes it harder to turn the board.

Are you searching for speed and simply want to move? In that case, bigger (and softer) wheels are the best alternative. If you solely want to do stunts more undersized (harder) wheels are the soundest option.

The Best Beginner Skateboard Wheels

Let’s peek at wheels that are proper and actually excellent. Here, you will see wheels for the most typical styles. Be convinced there’s a pack of wheels on this list that are excellent for your requirements. There is no wheel to lead them all. However, there are some that reach near. There are wheels for cruising, cruising and stunts, shift skateboarding, and technical street skating all with newbies in mind. This goes without saying!

Some of you might already know how to skate correctly. Don’t you worry about that! On this list, you will even see wheels for individuals who are just getting into stunts and more technical skating.

Note: Knowing how to properly fall off the skateboard is essential for your safety! This goes without saying!

#1 Spitfire Conical Full 54mm/99D

Speaking of quality goods, meaning they aren’t so affordable. You will fall in love with the Spitfire Conical fulls for their variety. You can skate in these in mini ramps, streets, or skateboarding parks mostly anything despite vert.

Spitfire ranks these wheels as 99D. Even though 99A appears problematic, the polyurethane formula (blend of plastics) is of the most suitable potential quality you can obtain. They don’t suppose like 99A yet perform very pleasingly on both harsher textures (to some stretch) and slippery material.

These are good because of their grasp and big contact patch. Another thing is that they are more tolerant, per se. These wheels will allow you to remain on your board as of the 34mm connection patch, which is wider than average. One more advantage is that once you get into power slips, they will not flat area. It’s nearly unattainable to flat spot these wheels unless you power slide onto gritty asphalt for a couple of instances.

#2 Ricta Clouds 54mm/92A

Even though Ricta Clouds are filmer wheels, they are an excellent choice for beginners. At 92A they are soft (or tough) sufficiently to ride both street and skate parks. That’s a fact. You will have fewer issues preserving your balance because of the wide 34mm connection patch.

They are adherent and provide a smooth ride. Pebbles won’t obstruct your wheels and breaks won’t provoke you to get thrown off your board. Amazing for newbies that want to discover how to skate and move up to essential stunts.

After you improve, it is advisable replacing them with more rigid wheels, it’s more straightforward to land stunts on harder wheels because they are less vibrant. This goes without saying!

Tip: Did you know that you could make skateboard wax at home, and the process is relatively easy!

#3 OJ Super Juice 78A

Somehow these suit every setup and deliver a super-smooth skating experience. These surely aren’t wheels for stunts. Why is that? Well, because they are extremely delicate, yet you can pull off a couple of ollies though.

Stunts will sense energy, Thus, if you love burning calories while skateboarding, miss these wheels. These are perhaps the perfect wheels for those who want to learn skateboarding with confidence. Also, these are definitely slick as butter.

Breaks, small rocks, and twigs aren’t a concern and they roll over them with so much ease. This is a fact.  They are fast, long-lasting, grippy, tolerant, and lastly, affordable. These are the most reasonable cruiser wheels on an allocation and they will never let you down. Be sure of that!

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