Should I Skydive if I’m Afraid of Heights?
Should I Skydive if I’m Afraid of Heights

There is a false belief that you are not able to skydive if you are afraid of heights. This article exists to show you that–as strange as it may sound–fear of heights isn’t so important on a skydive. Should I skydive if I’m afraid of heights? Read on to discover more!

You may think that is not true, but it is. It may shock you that being on a ladder will always feel more dangerous than being in the doorway of an airplane. It may also shock you that skydiving will do nothing to instantly fix your fear of heights–though it will enable you to handle all types of fears, albeit in a systemic sense.

If you’re willing to enter the strange and marvelous puzzle of skydiving and fear, just reflect on this article!

In case you are wondering if your fear of heights can stop you from taking that jump, don’t worry. The fear of heights can be a reality. Yet, it does not determine or impact the possibility of skydiving. The impact of the fear is bigger while being on a ladder, though. 

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What is Skydiving?

So, what does skydiving sound like, by all means? Skydiving formed as the primary concept of free fall from the sky. As terrifying as it sounds, now it is one of the most prevalent extreme sports in the world.

Skydiving has truly evolved throughout the narrative to become a secure and fun sport for risk-takers of all ages.

You Were Born With the Fear

Serpents? Clowns? Vampires? All of these are after-market fears. Yet, every human being has a fear of heights. They were born this way.

It’s a base of all. Every other fear (except the dark) came afterward. Still, we get frightened about high spots.

It’s named acrophobia, and the battle is as natural as breathing. Evolution determined that dark and heights are the two things people need to be cautious around from day one of their lives.

There Is More to This

How is that true? Because of this traditional acrophobia investigation. In it, scientists roosted brand-new crawlers on top of one of two tables. These tables were placed a few feet from one another with a sheet of crystal-clear plexiglass to create a wide bridge in the middle.

The baby’s mother was on the other side of the contrasting table, prompting the baby to make a way into her waiting arms. Although the spot was dense and wide to crawl across, none of the babies did it.

Even that early, with no prior knowledge of the sense, their small brains already instructed them to stop.

Baby ducks, on the other hand, didn’t even put a finger on the disparity between walking across an filmy reliable thing and a solid entity. Wings, hence, are obviously the only scientific remedy for a fear of heights.

Making A Skydive – Making The Crawl

Be mindful of this fact. Jumping out of an airplane is a lot like taking your spot on one table and going over the plexiglass. Generally speaking, although it doesn’t feel like it when you’re being at the door, you will be just fine.

With that foremost tentative step, you’ll feel the aid beneath you. This goes without saying, by all means! So, after you land, you’ll look back and ponder how easy it actually was. 

Tip: Have you ever thought about if you can be too tall to skydive. Height is not a limitation when it comes to skydiving. 

The Fear Isn’t What You Think It Will Be

What if I Freeze?

Maybe you think you’re going to freeze? Or that you will experience a panic attack or an attack of fright. Let’s reassure you right at the beginning. You won’t be scared if you’re averagely brave like most people. We can guarantee that. How can we be so sure?

Are you having the worst predictions in regards to this? If you’re like most people, it doesn’t matter how frightened you think you will be, you will not be. 

Note this. From the open door of an airplane moving along at 12,500’ above the skies, the terrain below looks separate than it does from that ridge or installation. As a matter of fact, it looks like a Google Earth map. 

As it’s the feeling of depth that activates acrophobia, and profundity doesn’t exist from that pitch, your fear of heights will stay nearly untriggered. Still, you will have feelings, by all means. The sounds and senses of placing on equipment and going to altitude are so strong!

Can I Take My Phone Skydiving

It Stays With You–as a Help, Not a Limitation

You should know one thing, by all means. That fear of heights, which is so painful, isn’t going anyplace. Be aware that’s actually a good thing! If you begin speaking to skydivers, you’ll see that many are very sharply “scared of heights.” 

These people can’t stand at a low bridge barrier, hesitate from walking near the edge of any ridge, and even can’t make up their minds before undertaking up to the observance deck.

The distinction is that the height-scared skydiver is utilizing their fear as a means for individual optimization. Each time they step to the aircraft door, they understand they’re up-leveling their trust, optimizing their biological reaction to fear, and creating healthier views on life’s daily challenges. 

Count all that up, and you’ll see the huge balanced advantages they’re reaping from their fear of height.

Tip: Is skateboarding making you feel alive? There are numerous reasons why skateboarding is good for you.

What Is Skydiving Supposed to Feel Like?

The Famous Freefalling

After a few attempts, your attention will return. This truly is a matter of fact! You’ll start to comprehend how your body steers in the freefall habitat, without a doubt.

You’ll hear diverse sounds, likewise: not the shouting of the plane motors, you’ll hear the sound of pure freefall. It seems like an everlasting wave, shattering and colliding for sure.

You’ll look around and observe every little detail, by all means. You’ll identify components of the geography below. Only a couple of short seconds into the one-minute freefall, you’ll begin to relax!

What’s It Like When the Parachute Opens?

When it’s a perfect time for the parachute to open, you will get a feeling of slowing down. Truly, you’ll sense it does its short dance as it extends fully and slows you and your team instructor down to top speed.

When that top is open and aloft, you will sense a rising calm take charge. The breaking point of freefall disbands into the sweet small whistle of proximate wind through the parachute’s lines. Underneath the canopy, you can communicate with your tutor as you drift down to the base.

Turn the Fear Into Something Good

Skydiving won’t cure your fear of heights and that will be, in fact, good for you. It is completely normal that some skydiving instructors also have a certain discomfort, almost with every jump. But they see their fear as a tool for personal optimization.

With each new jump, they raise their confidence and strengthen their mental abilities. These are all explanations of how that fear actually helps you become faster, stronger, and better in skydiving but also in life.

Helpful Tips for Skydiving

You need to train well for your first skydive. Here we have some helpful tips for you concerning that.

Note: You are able to respire and fully open your mouth while skydiving. People forget to do this.

Always Eat Something

It is essential not to jump on an empty stomach, be sure you have something to eat before you jump. An empty stomach will raise your fear and make you feel uncomfortable.

Try hard not to have too much to eat in order not to cause the opposite outcome, sickness or vomiting.

Wear the Proper Supplies

If you jump without a jumpsuit you will be freezing at higher altitudes. It would be most useful to wear a jumpsuit in accurate size. The skydiving center will supply you with the appropriate equipment.

Fetch Your Expedition on Record

This will be one of the most thrilling ventures for you so record it. Not many people get the chance to go skydiving, by all means. The skydiving centers usually offer a suitable recording service.

You Need a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is critical for your exciting skydiving jump. It will decrease your fear and anxiety letting you enjoy this unforgettable, and unique adventure.

Tip: Would you try surfing? Be mindful of the fact that it is not safe to surf in a thunderstorm. So, avoid this approach. Concerning your safety, you should take into reflection what wind is best for surfing.

How to Get Over My Fear of Skydiving?

There’s only one answer, yet it’s quite burdensome. So, mind these fundamental steps. Address all of your suspicions first. For many skydivers, fear of heights is not as huge of a skydiving siege as the beat when you sense claustrophobia.

Firstly, think happy thoughts and exercise being in that sealed airplane for a few moments. Next, understand that fear is a useful thing, in fact. It holds you leveled and stops you from anything silly. Think of your fear as a means to hold you from injury on your first skydiving experience.

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