Can I Take My Phone Skydiving?
Can I Take My Phone Skydiving

Skydiving is a dangerous but challenging sport. If you are an adrenalin junkie, or bold enough to even try this, then there is no limitation for you. 

Many people wonder if having a phone on a skydiving trip is allowed. But when you are a beginner, the law is strict about this, by all means. It says you can’t take your phone with you while skydiving, it’s forbidden, simple as that.

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Why Do People Skydive?

You’ve sat in an entirely fine airplane, appreciating the sights and taking in the venture. For some individuals, this would be sufficient.

So why do so many individuals want to jump out of a plane, dropping at speeds of approximately 120mph toward the earth before deploying a parachute and drifting back down to where they began?

That sounds a bit crazy, right? You’re bouncing out of a completely practical plane with nothing to save you but a couple of dozen square feet of material.

Many first-time jumpers do it for the venture, as a one-off. Some people do it to mark something, others to raise funds for charity. And some individuals are ‘adrenaline junkies’ pursuing their next fix. Others are just captivated to know what it feels like to drop and to fly.

The majority of first-time jumpers don’t realize that skydiving is so much more than leaping from an airplane. It’s an adventure, including amazing friendships, epic confidence, and some of the most shocking wonders your body will ever handle!

Note: You must be aware of how to deal with cold canyoning as that can save your life on your next venture.

How Does Skydiving Impact Your Body?

There is some science behind the feeling of skydiving, mostly in the state of adrenaline. Adrenaline is what our body builds when in a situation of high stress– the fight or flight phenomenon where our bodies become primed to act.

Adrenaline is a neurotransmitter that is readily sent through your body in times of high anticipation. Your air passages dilate to allow more oxygen in, causing you to feel like you’re thinking more obviously and as if everything is slowing down.

It gives signs to your blood vessels to transmit blood pumping to your organs, such as the heart and lungs, making you feel truly vigilant and numbing your capability to handle pain. 

Adrenaline is known to deliver better strength and undertaking, as well as elevated senses. Your body also releases endorphins and serotonin while you skydive, to make you feel happier.

No matter how many times you’ve done it, bouncing from a plane gets your adrenaline running like nothing else. The associated sensations are nearly drug-like in their results, forcing people to pursue their next adrenaline fix (thus the phrase ‘adrenaline junkie’).

You’ll feel empowered and as if time is stalling to a deadlock during your skydive, opening you up to a venture of ease and command. It’s hard to demonstrate to people who haven’t tried it – yet you’ll get it once you’ve hopped!

What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

Skydiving is the act of falling through the atmosphere at speeds of about 120mph. Unsurprisingly, you’ll encounter breeze and bluster.

What may shock you, yet, in the sense of slowness and peace, you get during freefall and under the parachute. Sooner than sensing like you’re falling, you’ll sense much more like you’re buffered by the air, offering you a comfy feeling of weightlessness.

Under the top, you’ll hear just how peaceful it gets when likened to freefall and have a few moments to take in the stunning views and feel what it’s like to fly.

Some individuals present you can’t breathe in freefall. That’s a fantasy, by all means. You can truly breathe and open your mouth while skydiving. The only cause people don’t is that they just forget.

The Addictive Sense of Achievement

Skydiving is a dare and persists to be so all over your jumping career. Whether you’re crushing fear as a newbie or enhancing skills as you advance, it can take a lot of work and struggle to get it right.

After you achieve that structure or nail that new body role, you’ll get an amazing sense of success. Skydiving is likewise a competitive activity. So many fun jumpers, and skilled jumpers, join contests with their teams to pit their skills against their counterparts.

The Skydiving Community

Another factor of skydiving that you might not have thought about is the community behind it. When you jump with others, there’s a huge component of trust. So, this leads to some of the most powerful fellowships you’ll encounter.

It’s not only trust that binds skydivers jointly. There’s something special about someone who wishes to jump from airplanes as a pure hobby. This suggests you have something great in common with everyone you jump with.

That’s why many skydiving centers have a restaurant or bar and spaces for socializing. After people finish jumping for that day, skydivers intend to hang out and appreciate each others’ company, usually camping on site and waiting a full weekend or longer.

Can You Skydive With a Phone?

The law says that it is forbidden. The governing body for the US skydiving community, The United States Parachute Association (USPA) forbids using phones and cameras on a tandem jump. 

Those are the rules, like it or not. Don’t even try to smuggle your phone or camera because it’s a risk and punishable by law.

When you think about this, you will see that they are right. Just imagine, you take your phone and it slips out of your hands. You can potentially cause an accident. 

Besides you need to have a clear head with no distraction on your first tandem jump. Only your instructor can use the camera during the jump so leave it to them, experienced, licensed skydivers.

Tip: You may be wondering if you can be too tall to skydive. Yet, the bigger limit is regarding the weight.

How to Hold Your Phone While Skydiving?

You may be wondering about the best way to hold your phone while the jump lasts. It is entirely possible! There is a way to securely hold your phone while you jump. That is by using a cell phone finger holder.

What if I Drop My Phone While Skydiving?

Many people are scared for their precious little beasts, mainly called iPhones! Can the phone really survive the fall if you drop it while flying? If you drop your phone while skydiving, the chances are the device wouldn’t survive that fall. That is a true fact!

How Windy Does It Have to Be to Cancel Skydiving

How Can Having a Camera Be a Distraction?

We can give you two reasons why you can not use the camera during the jump. Those are:

  • distraction
  • physical hazard

The only one who can take the photos or film the jump will be your instructor. Experienced instructors in skydiving wear GoPros mounted to their helmets or wrists. 

When the camera is positioned like this, it provides the perfect angle for video recording or photography. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the jump. 

Try to concentrate and focus on this unique event, by all means. Do not let some distraction ruin this unique experience. Be 100% committed to the jump to make it a lifetime memory.

Tip: Do you love skating? There are many reasons why skating is good for you. You should definitely try it!

Skydiving FAQS

Is There an Age Limit for Skydiving?

You must be no less than 18 and deliver a valid driver’s license or a passport before the jump. This is a law for all skydiving dropzones in the USA. without an ID, you won’t be able to jump. No age limit too, as you’re never too old to try skydiving!

Is There a Weight Limit to Skydiving?

Having safety measures in mind, there is a weight limit for skydiving in many centers. More often than not, that limit is up to 240 pounds. A fixed fee of $20 is there for guests from 200 to 220 pounds. Moreover, a $1 per pound applies for guests over 220 pounds.

Please bear in mind that this price may alter upon arrival. The surcharge exists because the share of weight under each parachute is critical.

Weightier trainees put more strain on the gear and are more challenging on the instructors during departure, opening, and mainly for landing. Sure, the instructors are trained to skydive safely with trainees of all shapes and sizes.

Tip: The mountaineering boots should fit you just fine. They shouldn’t be overly small or too big.

Are There Physical Conditions to Skydive?

Skydiving is a sport for everyone. This is really the case. Yet, if you have some medical concerns, make sure that you consult your doctor.

What Should I Wear to Skydive?

You should dress in comfy, weather-appropriate attire and wear shoes that will not fall off and don’t have pins. Avoid hiking boots, flip-flops, and sandals.

What About My Glasses or Lenses?

Be sure to consult the instructor, so he or she is mindful of them. Like this, you will be getting the right goggles.

When Will I Jump?

After finishing paperwork and a 20-minute land training practice, your jump will be appointed. The timing of your jump will rely on your arrival time, the climate, and the size of your crowd. That may be up to 2 hours.

How Fast Is Freefall?

The moderate rate is 120 miles per hour or 200 feet per second.

Tip: Did you know that many people employ a hiking pole as a ski pole. Yet, is doing this advisable and safe?

How High Do You Skydive?

You can select your desired altitude. A jump from 10,000 feet will offer you around 35 seconds of freefall, and from 13,500 will offer you around a minute in freefall.

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