Is It Bad to Leave Skateboard in Car (And How to Store It Properly)

Skateboarders usually love to bring their boards with them wherever they go. Using a skateboard can sometimes be fun, and sometimes, it can be a fully usable vehicle. In any case, sometimes, the conditions don’t allow us to use it always. During that time, skateboards can be an obstacle in daily functioning so it is good to leave them somewhere they are easy to access.

But does this mean you should leave your skateboard in a car?

The opinions are greatly divided on whether or not you should leave your skateboard in your trunk. No one noticed and dramatic change, but people who live in warmer climates did notice that their boards snap more frequently.

A skateboard in the car is impacted by the quality of the deck due to extreme temperatures. Maintenance and proper storage can prevent that.  Because of this, it is important to cover a few basics about how decks are made, and what are the ways you can take care of your equipment to make it last longer.

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Skateboard Deck Construction

Understanding how a skateboard deck is constructed will provide insight into the how and the why behind the most basic and most efficient ways to maintain your board. Skateboard manufacturers are always trying to tweak and enhance the quality of production, but the overall manufacturing process has not changed for the past few decades.

What Is a Skateboard Made Of?

Wooden sheets joined together with firm glue under a hydraulic press are the basic definition of a skateboard deck. Most usually it is made from maple wood, as it is said to be the ideal wood for skateboarding. It has great qualities when it comes to flexibility, and is still durable, allowing the manufacturers to easily shape them without sacrificing any strength during the process.

Phases of Skateboard Production

Even though it is the most common material used, there are differences in quality even with maple decks. The amount of ply can vary (where ply is a measure of how many thin sheets of wood make up the deck). These sheets combined make a stronger board than a single solid plank. The most common construction is 7-ply, though the decks may increase or decrease their veneers to either increase the strength or decrease the width.

As with anything in life you sometimes need to sacrifice from one side, to gain more on the other. For example, depending on personal preference and requirements dictate what type of board and how it should be fine-tuned.

The production process has several phases of manufacturing:

  • The production process starts by staking the wooden sheets from one to another. Beyond the amount of ply, the direction the wood frame is facing can impact the performance of the board. Masters who know how to alternate between veneers that run lengthwise, widthwise or cross-beaming, create high-quality and durable skateboarding decks.
  • The second phase is joining the veneers with glue and forming them under a hydraulic press that compresses all the wooden layers in a single, sturdy strip.
  • During this stage the nose, tail, and concave of the board are formed with the press, bending the wooden layers into shape.
  • Afterward, the board is left in the press while the glue sets. The longer it stays, the more durable the deck will become as the board is more naturally held together.
  • Holes are drilled into the deck to allow the trucks to be attached.
  • The shape of the deck is made using a band saw, after which it gets rounded and sanded smooth.
  • Final paintwork is sometimes done by screen print, while some love to do it by hand. After this, it needs to dry and will set in the factory or shop until it is ready to be sold.

Proper Skateboard storage

Learn how to properly store your skateboard and you will be able to enjoy your favorite deck for a few seasons, maybe even more. When it comes to season change, after the summer fades away and you start preparing for the winter, the skateboarding park will be visited less and less.

Depending on where you live, and what the weather is like, you might not be skateboarding for a few months. Of course, it is an entirely different matter if you have some type of indoor club where you can still go and skate.

What Are the Optimal Storage Conditions for Skateboards?

When it comes to winter it will bring cold and wet weather, which is a nightmare for skateboards. Never leave your skateboard outside, even overnight. They can get wet, freeze, or even worse, a combination of the two. A dampened deck can absorb moistly, and dissolve the epoxy glue that keeps the skateboard together. If this happens it is a potential accident waiting to happen.

Your skateboard should be stored in a dry and relatively warm space. Extremely hot or cold temperatures, humid or wet storage spaces can damage your skateboard more than you might realize.

The gradual destruction comes like a silent killer for skateboards. The grip tape can peel right off the deck if it is too damp, and the finish might start to look a little funny. Worst case scenario is that the deck itself can warp, become unstable and you can literally give up on it. Even changing drastic temperatures between cold and hot storage can make wooden skateboard decks brittle, as well as rubber wheels. The bolts and screws can expand or even start to rust.


Check your board, wheels, and other segments of the skate from time to time. Cleaning and maintenance is half of the successful recipe to have a long-lasting, healthy and safe board. Even the smallest amount of water or dirt can impact the performance of the skateboard.

During the period you are not using it (for example winter), take the time to inspect all parts of your board, check if your grip tape is too grippy and make any necessary repairs. This is a great time saver, and if it is costly, break it down by the month, so you are chipper and ready as soon as the next season comes along.

Indoor storage

It is highly advisable to avoid damp basements or cold attic to leave your skateboard. Leaving it in a dry, room temperature space is the best option. If your garage does not fulfill the requirements, please try to avoid it. Also, keep in mind that a skateboard on the ground is an accident waiting to happen. You, or your family member, can trip over it, step on it, or get in the way when you least expect it.

Store it anywhere except the floor. There are racks specifically designed for skateboards, there are many tutorials on how to make one yourself all over the internet. These racks have additional benefits from keeping the board in the same, usable condition it was the last time you drove it. This kind of system works as great day-to-day storage as well, particularly if you have a small living space.

Skateboard shouldn't be stored in a car

Devoted skaters invest a lot of money and time in building the perfect and most durable skateboard. It has the highest quality deck, trucks, wheels, and other components. Such a board has great potential to last several years, but only if the owner takes proper care of this piece of equipment.

Otherwise, the board can get ruined by the smallest window of bad weather, rain, or snow, even followed by a sunny day. If it gets damaged, there is a high chance you will have to simply get a new one every season, unless you really try to understand the math and physics behind every movement made.

Even the best skateboarders simply never think about all of these segments when it comes to storage, that is until it happens to them. Personal experience stories are always the best sources to gather experiences and avoid some mistakes because people before you wanted to do the same.

So, Is It Bad to Leave Skateboard in a Car?

By now you probably understand that whether or not it is safe to put a skateboard in a car, is a bit tricky to answer.

Without proper insulation and other temperature maintenance segments, there is no way that the board will not get warped. On the other hand, this gear does tend to get wet and worn out, which is why everyone should stop and think about the acquired information and finalizing their decision

A great, cheap and simple way to somewhat protect your board inside your car is to use a windshield protector (the one that blocks the sun). Buy an additional one and simply wrap your board in it. Also, use this around all of the windows in your car, it will keep your board safe, and your car will be more breathable once you start driving it.

The windshield protectors block out the sun, making the inside of the car lower in temperature than it would have been under direct sunlight.

As a skateboard lover, you probably understand that quality does not always have to come at a high price. If you take the time and funds to invest in a good initial board, with super easy maintenance, that board can last you even a few years.

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