Clear Grip Tape vs Black – Which One Is Better for Skateboarding?
Grip tapes for skateboarding

There is a variety of different grip tapes and the most typical being a sheet that is black on the grippy side of the grip tape. The underside of the layer of grip tape will take off, unveiling an overly gluey base that will hold to the tip of the deck. Clear grip tape vs black – which one is better for skateboarding? Grip tape isn’t black on every occasion as it definitely can be purchased in any shade, translucent, and even camouflage.

So, what type of grip tape is better for skateboarding? Every grip tape has its characteristics and the choice certainly depends on your personal preference. Black grip tape is more expensive and minimalistic while on the other hand clear grip tape is a better choice whether you want to express your artistic nature. 

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Skateboarding Essentials

Skateboarding has become an established Olympic sport, and on top of that, more people are developing an interest in this thrilling yet risky sport. We must mention the necessary skateboarding gear as well as the common skateboarding issues such as grippy grip tape.

  • Helmet. The skateboard helmet is the call for safety type of gear you will require owing to the fact that it shields your head from harm whether you fall. Be cautious to always wear a multi-sport or skateboarding helmet that suits your head restfully. A skate helmet should sit under your forehead and have side leashes in addition to a clamp that holds tightly beneath your jaw.
  • Wrist protectors. This item lessens the uncertainty of bending or cracking your wrists whether you fall or dip. Note that you should consider wearing them whether you are a beginner and you don’t know how to properly fall. Make sure to always pick your skateboarding gear in reference to what you require, preferably than how it seems.
  • Pads for elbows and knees. Whether it happens that you fall, and it certainly will, these pads block or reduce the intensity of injuries, cuts, and bruises. In addition to that, you can use knee pads in a knee slide movement to slide safely on a sage shift. Note that there is enough stuffing.
  • Skate footwear. A required piece of skating is solid skate footwear. Putting your individual aesthetic aside, a solid skate shoe should have enclosed toes and smooth, thick, long-lasting, slip-resistant rubber treads that stick on to grip tape and put a stop to shocks from moving up your feet.

Also, remember to always check the weather conditions and whether you should skate under those circumstances.

What is a Grip Tape?

In general terms, the grip tape is a layer of material that has a comparable feel to light sandpaper. It has a waxy layer that reduces friction on the opposite side of the rough facade. Having this in mind, you can quickly implement it to the skateboard deck. Nine times out of ten, the color is black, but a variety of different colors and types are available moreover. What makes it exceptional is that you can paint it, cut it, or do anything to give a personal touch to your skateboard. The most frequent grip tape measurement is 9in x 33in.

The Creation of a Grip Tape

The creation of a grip tape

The grip tape consists of silicon carbide. Regular sandpaper consists of the same substance, but grip tape varies as it has a much more profound grit level in comparison to regular sandpaper. On the other hand, for more affordable choices, there is aluminum oxide. When it comes to aluminum oxide it is more cost-efficient. However, the grip that it provides is not as lasting as silicon carbide. Subsequently, a heat torch dries the grit-like facade to the top of the fabric. A machine then covers with an adhesive to the bottom of the polyester film, which later acts as the glue on the root of the film.

Classification of Grip Tape

There are diverse types of grip tape. The classification breaks down into the following sections: standard, non-abrasive and specialized.

Standard Grip Tape

Many different businesses propose the standard choice, and it is the most frequent variety used by skateboarders. Many different businesses propose the standard choice, and it is the most frequent variety used by skateboarders. The following well-known brands offer the standard version such as Grizzly, Shake-Junt, Black Magic, Diamond, and so forth.

Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

This is a somewhat new product recently launched to the market that is catching the skate world furiously. As the title implies, non-abrasive is made to accommodate the identical benefits of standard grip tape, without harming your footwear. All that’s required to get the non-abrasive grip looking up to the mark as brand-new is a simple clean a surface thoroughly with a soggy scrap.

Specialized Grip Tape

Some businesses offer specialized grip tape. For instance, Mob Grip comprehends that the skateboarding alliance views their products to be a more crucial grit-level than most, hence providing excellent grip but harming footwear more than others on the market. In order to correct this issue, Mob Grip built a specific product that utilizes the same exceptional technology that makes regular Mob Grip, but with a lower grit level.

What Type of Grip Tape to Purchase?

There are several options out there in the matter of grip tape for your skateboard. For instance, what matters is the grit and its thickness, preferred color, type, and needless to say which brand you prefer and trust. The price of grip tape can differ exceedingly within brands too.

  • MOB Grip Tape. MOB grip tape is one of the most common grip tape businesses on the account of its sharp lumps which makes it a highly grippy grip tape. The only drawback to having such a harsh grip is it takes a toll on your footwear tearing them up a bit quicker than general. Nevertheless, MOB has a not so harsh grip tape named M-80 that is for more specialized skating that is less abrasive on your footwear. The M-80 is more fragile and thinner than normal MOB grip tape. Their grip tape arrives in black color and with a variation of graphic possibilities too.
  • Grizzly Grip Tape. Grizzly Grip Tape exists because of known skateboarder Torey Pudwill thus as you can imagine, it has a high standing. Its high quality is outstanding due to its elevated grain and aperture which enables exceptional grip and fewer air bubbles. The grizzly grip offers standard black, bear cut-out, and a variation of painted grip. It is an excellent option for grip tape for each and every level of a skateboarder.
  • Shake Junt Grip Tape. This type of grip tape is greatly special because it’s long-running grip tape that is fine and grippy. Shake Junt grip is all painted style and arrives in a variation of shiny colors. Whether you want this good-quality grip tape on your skateboard, note that they are a bit more expensive than the others.
  • Black Widow Grip Tape. In spite of the fact that the Black Widow Grip Tape is a solid grip tape for skateboards, it does not correspond to the Jessup or Grizzly tapes for instance. However, it is the best skateboard grip tape for its price. The grip tape has weatherproof features, and the cohesion won’t shift despite severe temperatures.

Price to Expect When Purchasing a Grip Tape?

An ordinary grip tape costs around $10 or even lesser for a primary sketch. Whether you decide to clutch at more custom-made prospects with a mixture of colors, it will cost you approximately $15. The largest amount of those grip tapes on here fall in the $10 to $15 price spectrum. You require a more substantial grip tape for longboards, and that will be more pricey than the normal-sized grip.

The steepish skateboards need whet grip tape, which will cost a lot more than the choices foregoing. The low-priced alternatives start from $15, while the high-priced alternatives go up to $30.

How To Keep The Grip Tape Clean?

So, what to do whether your skateboard gets muddy? Check out the following tips to clean the dirt from your grip tape:

  • Utilize a Grip Cleaner. This is the most effortless way to clean a grip tape. Easily brush on the bit of rubber to get the filth out. The cleanser is fast and simple to use, and certainly, every skateboarder should have one of these nearby.
  • Utilize a Harsh Brush. It serves for most grips but is difficult on the grains. It might diminish the grip’s sharpness after some time, thus you don’t want to utilize it too often.
  • Utilize a Toothbrush. In case you don’t have a grip cleanser, try with a toothbrush. Moisten the toothbrush and scrub it in round movements. The strokes on the brush rub out the dirt.

When to Change Your Grip Tape?

How frequently you will be switching the grip tape will depend on how much you skate. If you skate a fair amount, it is advisable to change the grip after every two months or so. However, if you don’t skate too often, you seemingly won’t need to worry about changing the grip tape on the very same board.

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