What to Wear When You Go Ziplining?
A girl ziplining in the woods.

Going on a ziplining adventure anytime soon? Also, will that be your first time? If you’ve never ziplined before – you’re in for a treat! Even the worst skeptics out there admit that ziplining is pretty darn exciting and fun!

Since you’re new to the sport, you might want to know some basic information about it. That’s exactly why today we’ve chosen to talk about what should you wear when you go ziplining. It’s a theme we haven’t covered still, and it would be a real shame if things stood that way! Anyway, check out what we have to offer below!

If you’re ziplining during the warmer months, wear a T-shirt or a tank top. During the colder part of the year, make sure you wear a sweater or a jacket. Whatever the season or climate, it’s important you feel comfortable. Avoid wearing short shorts or open-toad shoes. Lastly, you’ll want to leave your jewelry or other accessories at home.

And that’s not the whole story! Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about ziplining gear and a bit more about the sport itself!

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Why should everyone try ziplining?

If you’re already into extreme sports – you don’t need any convincing at all. Still, there might be folks out there that think ziplining is bad for your back, or that it seems a bit boring and dull. We’re here to prove them wrong about the latter accusation! Let’s see why everyone should go ziplining at least once in their lifetime:

  • It’s completely safe! Of course, there are safety precautions one must take.
  • Even if there’s fear, it disappears once you start the ride! It’s something anyone who’s tried ziplining can confirm.
  • You’ll get to enjoy some amazing natural imagery! Ziplining is most usually done among breathtaking scenography.
  • Even kids can try it out! Although they’d need to be accompanied by adults.
  • You don’t need any particular set of skills or physical preparation! You’ll have to meet the weight requirements, though.
  • Ziplining gives you a chance to feel free like a bird! The iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd tune will finally come true for you!
  • The rush of adrenaline you’ll experience will bond you with friends or family members, or whomever you’re ziplining with!

Okay, so how does that sound? Pretty good? Alright, let’s continue!

Ziplining tips for starters

Before we delve deeper into the main subject matter of this article, let’s see some ziplining tips beginners will surely appreciate.

Avoid taking selfies while flying

We know it’s gonna be hard to control the urge to take a selfie while riding the zipline. Still, it’s best you play it safe and avoid taking the phone with you.

Empty out your pockets

Don’t forget to do this! You don’t want to drop anything in the natural abyss below you. Leave your (expensive) gadgets somewhere safe!

Find the right company

As you already know, people can either lighten up your mood or dampen it to the point you feel like doing nothing. Make sure you’re surrounded by the right kind of folks during your ziplining tour. In other words: surround yourself with fun-loving and adventure-craving people!

Once you start the tour, there’s no turning back

Even though ziplining is one of the least physically demanding outdoor sports, you should still know what you’ve signed up for. Once you start the tour, you can’t go back until it’s finished. Most tours last about 2.5 hours. So, yeah, don’t say no one told you!

Bring some water and don’t forget snacks

As we said, an average tour will take about 2.5 hours of your time. Additionally, the altitude that will serve as the backdrop of your ziplining adventure will be the one you’re not well-adjusted to. Make sure you stay hydrated, just so you elude the well-known altitude sickness! Also, it’s good you bring some snacks along to keep your energy levels up.

Alright, now that we’ve gone through basic ziplining tips, you’ll agree it’s time for the main dish on today’s menu. But first – a photo that tells a thousand tales. Okay, not a thousand… It’s actually a single story that’s totally worth as much!

What to wear when ziplining?

First things first, most ziplining experts will tell you the same: wear something you feel comfortable in! Of course, that’s only an introductory tip. Let’s see what kind of attire one must wear when ziplining. Choosing the right clothes will greatly affect your whole experience! Afterward, we’ll show you the elements of the regular ziplining equipment.

Mind the season

What you’ll wear while ziplining depends a lot on the weather conditions. For example, while it’s totally alright to wear a regular T-shirt (or a tank top) during the warmer part of the year, colder conditions require you wear a sweater or jacket.

What about the bottom?

You can also zipline in pants or long shorts. Well, you don’t have a lot of options, since riding in standard shorts isn’t something anyone would recommend. The leg straps can cause you some irritation and pain if you’re not wearing proper bottom apparel. It’s because they’re designed to keep you safe, but not necessarily comfortable. You’ll want to wear a thicker pair of pants or longer shorts and create a clothing barricade between the strap and your skin.

Forget about wearing sandals

Even if the weather outside is pretty darn hot, you should avoid wearing sandals or similar footwear. Open-toed shoes are a very bad idea since you’ll hike a lot besides ziplining. Hiking or climbing boots, or a pair of durable sneakers, or even running shoes, are your best option. Your feet have to be protected since there’s a chance they may impact or drag on the floor at the very bottom of the zipline.

Lastly, can you wear jewelry, hats, or other accessories?

Most ziplining experts would tell you to avoid wearing any accessories, including hats or pieces of jewelry. There’s a good chance you might lose ’em, but also there’s a chance you might get hurt, due to the speed you might reach while riding the zipline.

Standard ziplining gear/equipment

Okay, now we’ll show you what you’ll actually wear while gliding down the zipline, as an addition to the clothes we’ve mentioned above. In other words: we’ll show you what are the elements of the standard ziplining gear.

A helmet

You’ll never see anyone ziplining without a helmet. There’s a good reason why that is so: you want to be maximally secure. As we said, you’ll be traveling at high speeds and high altitudes.

A harness

This piece of equipment is the one that will keep you attached to the zipline while riding and attached to the platform while you stay put. You can call harness the most technical gear you’ll have to wear, but that shouldn’t alarm you. Your ziplining guides will show you exactly how it’s used. Also, they’ll do the clipping and unclipping part between each ride.


Last but not least, gloves are a regular part of the ziplining gear. Leather gloves will ensure you don’t hurt your hands while you brake. Your guides will show you the usual braking techniques, and you’ll be all set to start your ziplining adventure.

Bonus tips on ziplining

Since we’re almost at the end of this article, we’ll give you a few tips you’ll find pretty useful when going ziplining:

  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Among all those trees, it’s easy to forget you’re exposed to the sun. Make you stay protected!
  • The bigger the group, the bigger the discount! Always try to get as many friends as you can to go ziplining with you. Avoid bringing the usual buzz-killers.
  • Listen to your guides! This one goes without mentioning! Your guide’s word is not to be messed around with.

Sorry if the last one sounded a bit parent-ish. Anyway, are you wondering can ziplining make you sore? Check out this article to find the answer.

Let’s summarize! What to wear when ziplining?

Okay, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve learned today about proper ziplining clothes and equipment:

  • During the summer months, wear a regular T-shirt or a tank top. During winter, sport a sweater or a jacket. Regardless of the season, you want to be comfortable!
  • Avoid wearing short shorts. You’ll want to make sure the leg straps won’t cause you discomfort.
  • Also, avoid wearing open-toed footwear. Sandals are to be avoided at all costs!
  • Think about leaving jewelry, hats, and other accessories at home!

And what about regular parts of the ziplining equipment:

  • A helmet. There’s no way you’re riding without one!
  • A harness. The most important part of the gear, it keeps you attached to the zipline.
  • A pair of leather gloves. Just so you don’t hurt your hands while braking.

Final words

So, that was that, folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed this one! For more ziplining-related tips, visit this page.

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