Why Are Snowboard Bindings So Expensive
why are snowboard bindings so expensive

Snowboarders new and old are all too aware of the steaming price tag of new bindings. They are an important piece of equipment because you cannot get far without them. A great snowboarding experience requires a good set of bindings which means preparing some serious money for good quality.

Snowboard bindings are expensive equipment pieces due to the high-quality lightweight materials that have to be strong and extra durable. In addition to the price of safety, some brand names invested in the research and are at the top of the competitive game when it comes to bindings, which will significantly increase their value.

It may take some breaking of the ice to understand what lies beneath it that dictates such a hefty price. Also, there are some ways to avoid an empty card or wallet completely.

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Expensive Binding and Manufacturing

It is no secret to anyone who can pay on their own that the retail market goes well beyond the actual price of the materials and hands.
Learning about the process, however, may give you more insight the next time you go buying snowboard bindings.

Types of Material

If you ever tried on the complete equipment for snowboarding you probably noticed that the bindings are designed out of light materials. This is because they intend to keep their feet in a fixed position for safety, to increase mobility, strength, and responsiveness needed to perform. The quality of the materials in the bindings will, naturally, reflect on the overall product.

The structure of the binding is centered around the base plate, and the materials that compose this item together will determine the quality or rather a durability. Cheaper bindings are made with a plastic base plate, while the tip of the range bindings will use a composite or aluminum base plate.

The quality and durability of each material have their benefits and downsides. Composite materials can vary on the brand, but will usually include high-quality materials like glass, nylon, carbon fiber, or even fiberglass. According to experts, a beginner snowboarder or an amateur will never notice there is any difference between the high-end and cheaper materials when it comes to performance. Only the more experienced snowboarders can benefit from the quality.

We can leave the determination of functionality to the pros, but from a durable standpoint, it is where even the noobs get to have a say. Plastic base plates will not last as long compared to aluminum ones, which is simple reasoning. From that perspective, potentially investing more in snowboard bindings can be cheaper in the long run.

Bindings also have two straps, one at the toe and one across the ankle. Where each strap has two sides- a plastic ladder strap and a padded EVA foam strap with a tightening mechanism (a ratchet most commonly). Now, more expensive bindings will use aluminum ratchets, where, like the other composite segments of the bindings, more durable materials may seem off as a cheaper and longer-term solution when compared to the plastic ones.
The best thing is that these can easily be replaced if they start to wear down or rust and pieces can be found and changed from $10-$30, which is significantly less than the cost of entire and new bindings.

Research and Development

Snowboarding equipment evolves fast as the people interested in the sport raise the stakes and there are more and more professionals and users who are more than proficient in riding on the snow. Proper funding and research allow manufacturers’ products to improve a snowboarders technique. Their cutting-edge technology and manufacturing process are always improving. Small redesigns are adapting to the market constantly.

The general purpose and look from an efficiency perspective does not move as fast on the market, but there are continual improvements incrementally. Top brands are always competing which requires the most efficient experts in mechanics and product manufacturing and improvement, these investments are then later regained through peaking prices sky-high.

Paying for the Brand

Every company or rather brand will be boosting their price to be able to spin the entire economic wheel. There is a strong correlation between the cost and quality of the product. It does not mean though that higher prices indicate better and better quality bindings.

From a consumer’s perspective, there is a high probability that the name of the brand will provide reassurance based on their previous product reputation. If the story is presented right, or if it even accentuates the benefits of the product more than it is, you can either sell a story or fall on one- depending on which side of the story you are.

Are People Willing to Pay?

Corporate bodies, including snowboard binding manufacturers, have their economic tentacles spread gathering resources on the market. Researching properly should provide them insight into an estimate of the most appropriate price when commonly crossing the quality of the material, additional expenses, and customer value. As far-fetched as it may seem, learning the most common things about the economy can most clearly provide information on the quality of the brand in general.

Expensive Snowboard Bindings – Is It Worth the Investment?

Expensive Bindings usually have a valid price and explanation provided by the salesperson on the gadgets feature. Understanding the quality of each design is essential, as it can provide a longer ‘life’ when it comes to using them. Investing in a higher price range snowboard binding should save you the shopping for new ones for quite a few seasons.

Bindings need to get replaced when they crack or break, which makes the plastic type of bindings the perfect solution for beginners with a low budget who are building upon their snowboarding experience. As soon as you get a hold of snowboarding, you should take into consideration whether or not you can invest in some proper bindings.

The segments that are more prone to damage or rusting are easily replaceable and will never cost a pretty penny. Ratchets will commonly break and get changed, while base plates are not as common.

The best thing to do is to observe and learn about the perks of specific brands and materials, ask the salesperson who will be glad to help. Learn about the price ranges and calculate your next budget and see where you can best fir to get the most out of everything.

If you are still wondering how expensive everything is, and still want to make snowboarding a proper experience, there are ways to save money on snowboard bindings.

Most snowboard bindings are really expensive

Trying to Save Some Money

For people who have already determined that they need to invest in some proper snowboard bindings, it may seem quite refreshing to hear there are ways to save up some cash you set aside for this. Planning is half the work, and you need to know your way around the sports stores and sections to be able to make the most of this segment.

  • Keep an eye out for sales like the ones after the big holidays. After Christmas, there are big reductions for seasonal gear. You will find big discounts on snowboarding gear in general (not just bindings) only a few days after the holiday. Don’t be lazy and look up online discounts and compare them to the store ones- turn this into a day’s event and be efficient, as the discounts can sell out on some products. Black Friday is another awesome date, but for this, we highly recommend simply ordering online (unless you like the thrill of the crowd-it is like another extreme sport on its own).
  • Think about the season– Going on holiday or purchasing any equipment during the winter you will definitely find the highest prices. It is the complete opposite from when there are some sails. For patient people and those who are really able to plan, there is also an option to try to bargain with the seller (in case it is in person) in April and March, as then it is the season for surfing and other activities. Try if you are up for a challenge, maybe you can buy even more stuff for the same price.
  • Buying second-hand even though it is not the best option when it comes to snowboard bindings. Take this simplest piece of advice – always look for reviews and the seller and require more detailed photographs of the bindings, and if they are not willing to provide the required for you don’t go through with the purchase. Great second-hand bindings can be found online, which is a great thing for people with a tight budget. But it is important to whey in all the pros and cons for second-hand equipment (especially if it is made from plastic and other tear-prone materials).

Why Are Snowboard Bindings so Expensive In the End?

Snowboarding is an expensive sport. In general, all winter activities are more costly and are even considered elitist. There are many reasons, but the equipment, pass, knowledge, and mentor all have a specific price.

Also, common sense dictates that for any winter activity you will require more equipment for going through the snow, and staying warm and dry at the same time. It is physically demanding, but for enthusiasts, there are no true expenses. It is only an investment in their passion, and nothing else.

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