Can I Use Windex on My Motorcycle Helmet
It's very important to have clean face shield and helmet

Every motorcyclist enjoys daily rides on their motorbikes. The ride can give people a feeling of excitement and represents a good dose of adrenaline. For people who love extreme sports such as rock climbing, parkour, bungee jumping, riding a motorcycle is another great challenge. If you are an extreme sports lover, and ride your motorcycle very often, on various terrains and conditions, chances are you will eventually end up with a dirty motorcycle helmet.

This is not a big issue, but it will be good to take care of it. So, many motorbike enthusiasts search for a quick, cheap, and easy way to clean up their motorbike visors. Logically, the question that very frequently appears is whether it is safe to use the famous Windex for cleaning your motorbike’s helmet.

The truth is, some people say they use Windex for motorcycle helmet cleaning for years and don’t have a problem. But, the others say it should be avoided, and instead suggest using milder cleaning solutions. Petroleum-based cleaners should also be skipped. So, it’s best to consider the pros and cons before choosing the right clean-up liquid for your motorbike.

Today, we discuss whether it is safe to use Windex on your motorbike visor, and what are the other options for cleaning your helmet safely. Therefore, we will provide you with some beneficial info on how to properly and easily clean your motorcycle helmet.

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Is Windex Safe to Use on Visors?

Cleaning your motorcycle’s helmet and visor is one of the most important things to do when it comes to gear maintenance.

Having a nice, clean, and ready-to-go helmet is crucial. It protects your head, and your life during the ride. So, make sure to always have a clean helmet by your side. It shouldn’t be foggy and must provide a clear vision.

When it comes to using a popular Windex for motorcycle helmet cleaning, opinions are divided. Some people say they use it for a long time, the others say it should be avoided, as it can damage the material of the helmet. The fact is that you should avoid using any too harsh, abrasive liquid for helmet cleaning. 

Also, avoid cleaning your motorcycle helmet and face shield with petroleum-based products, as they can really damage the helmet material.

Having this in mind, it might be best not to experiment, and hold on to some proven cleansing methods and products for motorbike helmets and face shields. You can find plenty of them on the market, and buy them on Amazon.

The most popular among the motorbikers seems to be Plexus cleaner. But, you can find many others and try them out. If you don’t want to spend much money on cleaning products, you can always use some warm water, and mild baby shampoo to clean your helmet.

How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet

The motorcycle helmet might be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment. That is because it needs to protect your head and its parts. It is meant to be used on various weather conditions, and different terrains, as well as insect invasions during a ride.

By knowing how to properly clean your helmet, you prolong its life span. Therefore, you protect yourself and can enjoy a motorbike ride more relaxed. So, check out some important steps you should consider when cleaning your motorcycle helmet.

Of course, before trying these clean-up tips, it’s good to consult your owner’s manual, just to be sure you’re not voiding your warranty.

Choose the Right Cleaning Materials

When it comes to helmet and face shield cleaning, various materials can be found on the market. But, here are some basic items that you can safely use to clean your motorcycle helmet.

Microfiber Cloths

These materials are a great option for washing a helmet and its face shield. You don’t need to have brand new cloth, just make sure it’s always clean. This way you will avoid any dirt particles that can be stuck in the rag’s fiber, and by that, you won’t scratch the exterior of your helmet and visor.


You don’t need to have any special toothbrushes for this task. The cheap one will do the work. It should have soft bristles, though. This way you can easily come to some less available parts of your helmet, such as face shield gaskets and vents.

Baby Shampoo

As you should avoid any petroleum-based cleaning solutions for your helmet, baby shampoo can be a cheap and nice clean-up choice. Aside from official helmet cleaning products, this is often a very easily reachable option.

Some Warm Water

Besides any cleaning liquids, warm water will always be your best friend. So, make sure to always have some by your side during helmet cleansing. The water is also the safest option and you can use it safely for helmet and face shield maintenance.

Air Compressor

Having an air compressor can be handy for motorcycle helmet cleaning. It can be useful for air vents clean-up. Although, you need to avoid using air from an aerosol can, as it can erode the EPS liner. Because the helmet’s protective abilities may be lowered by aerosol can air.

Remove Any Electronic Parts

It may seem pretty basic, but many people forget to remove the electronic components of the helmet. So, before your start with helmet cleaning, make sure the electrical add-ons are removed. Not only will it be easier to wash your helmet, but you’ll spare yourself from buying new expensive electrical gadgets.

Remove the Interior

Before helmet and face shield cleaning, always remove the internal liner and cheek pads. They are often attached with some snaps and can be easily removed from the helmet. Take a look at the manual guide for more detailed info.

Note: Consider placing some wet cloth over the helmet, and let it sit there for a while.

Clean the Motorcycle Helmet Exterior

The wet cloth you placed before can now be removed. It made the dirt softer and easier to remove. Set the face shield aside, and clean the helmet with warm water. Use a clean microfiber rag to work around the exterior. It’s best to use only warm water for helmets, or some special solution that is helmet-safe.

well cleaned helmet exterior makes the ride easier

Blow Up the Vents

During a motorcycle ride, various kinds of things can get stuck into the vents. But, luckily, nothing that a little blast from an air compressor can’t fix. That way airflow will move freely again through the helmet’s vents.

Clean the Face Shield

Face shields very often have some sort of protective coating. Such as UV protecting or anti-fog coats. Because of that, you should wash it very carefully. Always check the user’s manual before cleaning. It’s safe to clean the visor with warm water and a microfiber cloth.

If you choose to clean it with some other liquids, try to use some that are specifically made for helmet visors.

Wipe the Internal Sun Shield

Helmets with internal sun shields can get a bit dusty from time to time. So, a quick clean-up is necessary. You can use a microfiber cloth and some water to wipe it down a bit. Try not to remove the sun shield before cleaning, as it may be tricky to return it in place.

Pinlock Face Shield

If you’re cleaning a Pinlock face shield, make sure to remove the inner lens from the outer face shield. That way you will be able to clean both sides easily. Watch out not to damage the inner lens gasket. It represents an integral part of the Pinlock system and enables everything to work nicely when placed together.

Put the Motorcycle Helmet Parts Back

Before the next helmet use, you’ll need to put all the parts back together. So, start by placing liner and cheek pads, and then reattach the face shield, and any leftover pieces.

How to Wash Motorcycle Helmet Liners

Face sweat and hair oil will eventually make the lining of the helmet a bit dirty. In that case, a quick clean-up is a must. So, make sure to fill a sink, tub, or some bucket with warm water, add baby shampoo, and wash every part of the liner. After washing, let the helmet liner and cheek pads air dry.

It’s good to do that the night before a motorbike ride, that way the liner will be thoroughly dry. If not dried properly, a liner can become moldy, and develop a not so pleasant smell.

To Sum It Up

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is an important and inevitable part of maintenance. Therefore should be done properly, and whenever is needed. To be sure, always check the user’s manual before any cleaning action on your motorbike gear.

This way you will know what you can do during cleaning that doesn’t affect your warranty. It may sound tempting, but avoid cleaning your helmet and face shield with Windex and similar products, as they can possibly damage the materials.

Instead, opt for some warm water, baby shampoo, or even better, try using some products that are made for helmet cleaning. Be sure to take care of your motorcycle helmet, wear it, and enjoy the ride.

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